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I think Sunken City was formerly Plank's Edge. 

It wasn't Prexus who flooded it but a half elven extremist named Elwyn Aquel.  From a dialog with Inquistor Thorson on the Sunken City dock.

"When the Rending began and the Seas became impassable Freeport's habor fell on hard times.  Shipping and Trade ground to a halt and the fishing industry collapsed.  East Freeport became a ghost town, known more for its crime then for its commerce. In this climate of fear and uncertainty, a half elven extremist named Elwyn Aquel gained a following. He preached that Prexus was angry with Freeport, and only through the hard work and sacrifice of his followers would the seas calm and prosperity return.  Aquel's followers, called the Circle of Darkfathom, quickly rose in prominence among the disgruntled citizens of Plank's Edge.  Aquel promised brighter days to these desperate people on the brink of losing everything they had.

Little did the people of Plank's Edge know that they had fallen victim to a madman's scheme.   The sacrifice Aquel spoke of was a literal one:  he intended to sink Freeport to the bottom of the ocean in a twisted scheme to gain favor with Prexus.  He believed that the flood waters would wash away the city and grant him immortality in the process.

It was only as Aquel began his ritual of sacrifice that some of his followers saw through his deception.  As the ground beneath Plank's Edge began to sink and the flood waters came pouring in. some of the Darkfathom members interrupted Aquel's incantation and broke the spell.  Though Freeport was saved, it was too late for the people of Plank's Edge who drowned beneath the unholy tide.  Aquel's body was never recovered.

Thankfully the high walls around the outside of the district held strong, so damage to neighboring parts of Freeport was minimal.  Gradually the waters receded but never fully went away, leaving the area all but unlivable.  Abandoned by the city's residents, Plank's Edge is now called the Sunken City, a dagerous place haunted by the souls of those who met there doom within."

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