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Prexus, the Oceanlord, had a great deal of influence on Norrath during the dawn of the ages. His greatest Norrathian creations can be traced back to the Elder Age. Although most of his children have passed on, there is widespread worship of this god on Norrath that rivals any other deity. In an era that is dominated by cataclysms, ocean travel has become a necessity for any society's survival, be they great or small. From Freeport to Mara, there are people that rely on the resources of the sea or the calm shipping lanes of the oceans. During an age of lost faith, there was a rise in the worship of the Oceanlord.

For those of you hoping to hear a bit of untold history, here you are:

In the Age of War, Freeport became the greatest trade city on Norrath. Ships from around the globe made their way to the walls of Freeport. It became the greatest marketplace known to Norrathians. This dramatic rise in trade created such things as the Norrathian Code of Trade Standards and the Overlord War Galleys for protection of trade ships. Along with these new trade tools came a new religion in Freeport, the Urchins of the Raging Tides.

Originally, the Urchins of the Raging Tides grew from a small erudite cult known as the Urchins of the Great Blue. No one is quite sure where they get their name. Many speculate they take the name because they consider themselves mischievous children of Prexus while others claim they take the name of the Sea Urchins, whose spiked body matched the shoulder guards of the Urchin crusaders. Their name may be debatable, but their purpose was clear... protect the ocean and the ocean will protect you.

As time went on, the Urchins congregation swelled as did the ports of the great trade city. Many new docks were built in other sections of the sprawling city. The rise in worshipers came at a time when deities had been absent and faith began to falter, but the Urchins numbers grew. Eventually the Urchins would build a grand cathedral near an area of Freeport known as Shoreside. Just off the coast of the affluent district of Freeport rose a grand structure, the Cathedral of the Raging Tides. This grand tower boasted the greatest amount of glass ever used on a single structure. The tower descended into the water and allowed the parishioners to gaze upon the underwater wonders while praising Prexus. The tower would stand as one of the greatest monuments in Freeport, but not forever.

The Urchins of the Raging Tide would eventually fall to their evolving radical views. They began to cause destruction to ships and ports that did not carry the blessing of their church. Records of Freeport tell the deaths of many sailors and merchants at the hands of the Urchins. They became more of a problem to Freeport's trade rather than a benefit as it was in its inception. By order of the Overlord, the Urchins were ordered to disband and all its high priests were locked up for life or executed in public. The grand cathedral off the coast of Shoreside would be destroyed, with only a few remaining artifacts kept in the vaults of Freeport. The Urchins of the Raging Tide were no more.

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