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This update should occur around 5pm PST.




Prestige Buffs that target the group, raid or another player besides the caster should no longer stack when cast by two difference casters.



Wild Protection now applies to Clearwater Current.

Constant Currents is now a ward that applies when Clearwater Current expires.

Clearwater Current now properly increments if the target is not the caster.

Assisting Wind should no longer cause problems with ability modifier.



Divine Retribution should no longer reduce the damage of abilities only to add it back due to ability modifier.



Divinity's Aid no longer lies and says it is incremental when it really isn't.

Holy Army is now potency instead of attributes. It now properly applies to the target's group and not just the target.



Ward's Bane now inflicts its damage to targets surrounding the enemy who triggered the effect. This hits up to 8 targets within 5 meters of the enemy that triggered it.

Wraith Howl now increases the minimum health requirement of Wraithwall by 15% per rank.

Soultemper now applies an extremely fast regenerating ward to the target of Wraithwall.

Phantasmal Barrier is now 0.5 second cast time and 60 second reuse time base.




Plane of War: Inquisitor's Drape of War – Warbearer – This effect now gives the inquisitor 15% flurry, 100% accuracy and 100% Strikethrough for 16 seconds.

Plane of War: Conjuror's Banner of War – Has a new effect called Warbarrier – Grants 100% damage immunity to pets for 8 seconds. Reusable every 5 mins.

Plane of War: Warlock's Banner of War - Acidic Deathcloud – Now grants caster 10% spell double attack for 8 seconds in addition to the spell damage. Reuse remains 90 seconds.




Several Carpenter resources were updated to...exist.

Recipe level should now match the book that contains the recipe.

All handcrafted equipment should now be level 90.

All mastercrafted equipment should now be level 92.

Adornment recipes should now be creating the correct version.

Experimentation bonus should now be correctly applied to modify property mods like attackspeed and critbonus.

Experimentation create window will now take one decimal place into account for modify property mods when determining if it is effective.

Bags can now be mass produced with quantity crafting.




Taming of the Tuatara - A bit more direction was added to direct players to the glisten frill roots.

Out of the Fire... - A bit more direction was added to direct players to the twilight fern seed pods.

Obol Plains quests now have map regions highlighted!

Signature quests in Obol Plains now have map regions highlighted!

You will no longer lose faction with the non-feral lujien of Obol Plains if you die any time after completing the quest, Convenient Conversion.

Bandit Busters - Wayward bandits killed by your pet or mercenary will progress the quest normally if you are on that particular step.

Ethershade Parley - The quest helper window now displays the Wand of the Wild icon for the first step of the quest.

On Tidal Waves, defending NPCs and Physical Anchors should now stand up a bit better to the invading Horde.

Requesting additional anchors from the engineers during Tidal Waves now grants you 2 of each anchor type.

Clutches of War now updates properly when you approach Ruriix.

While on Voice of the Forest, Esrim’s spirit should no longer run back through the mountain after teleporting.

The attacking NPCs in Power to the Tower should no longer encounter lock to the core and prevent you from pulling them back off it.

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