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I just started on PVP (mainly because conan is due out end of the year and i'll be looking to try that out, and wanted to get climatised to PVP).

I'm pretty well established on PVE though, so moving to eq2 PVP isn't really an option, i have 3 raid geared 70 toons and am pretty content waiting for avatars to spawn and playing PVP casualy while i wait.

I've found VERY little info or help from the game it's self to explain how PVP works and its left me with many questions regarding the differences from PVE.  I've checked these forums for a while now and search has yeilded nothing, neither has brousing the oldest posts... seems likely these questions have been asked many times before, but we have new forums, so old posts dont exist.

 1) What is Fame, what does it do, how do you find out how much you have?

 2) There is an unsual faction gain when killing the oposition players, does this faction do anything useful?  and why does it start at -10k?

 3) I've seen many PVP reward items that cost status and tokens?  linked in class forums, but i've never found a vendor in either city that offers these items.  where are these merchants?  and how do you go about obtaning the rewards (other than the obvious of killing players SMILEY)

 4) When you're killed and you loose coin and items...  is this level dependant? luck?  and what items can be lost?  anything thats tradable... or just anything?

 5) Can someone confirm that the minimum level to engage in PVP is 10? (im considering having a crafter/harvester thats under said level to help get crafted items and raws needed to fight all the twinks SMILEY

thats all i can think of for now... 

... oh and if anyone can link me to a general "PVP FAQ" or similar "things i wish i'd known earlier" type post relating specifically to PVP that'd be great also.

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