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I experienced noticeable improvement in SG.  It's still laggy, sure, but it was much better last night, granted I only did it once so it could have been a fluke.  Normally SG is a slideshow with a good 10-15s button lag, but the button lag was reduced to 2-3s and there wasn't any warping. 


And after trying the RW last night, I have to agree with the many posts here, RW was much worse, experienced the Slide-Show which for me has been pretty much reserved for SG.

I have also noted a periodic instability primarily near the Ring War, but not during the PQ itself where everything just stops and my framerate drops erratically.  It can be smooth as silk one second and then everything stops.  This has only happened to me in Great Divide, and really only near the RW/Dains last stand areas of [Removed for Content], and the frequency has increased lately.

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