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With a 20 - 30% nerf to most assassin abilities and a 13% buff to beastlords, I wonder who is going to be topping parses next expansion? Gee.

I think it's also worth noting that apocalypse for warlocks had its DD increased by 1.5%, dot damage reduced by only 13.7%.

Makeshift arrows for rangers had its sustained triggers on 4 targets reduced by 92% (due to the 1 trigger every 4-6s mechanic) and its base damage reduced by 21%. This equates to an overall 93.68% reduction of dps against 4 targets (ironically, very close to the estimated 95% loss I reported on discord before I was....forcibly removed)

Dragonfire for monks was reduced by 35% as reported in the update notes (a mere slap on the hand considering that it was regularly outperforming makeshift arrows).

As it currently stands, neither predator class is going to shine during the upcoming expansion.
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