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I agree... I am still waiting to see an increase to the Assassin Abilities.

In the scout post we saw that many scout classes received an overall boost to their dps abilities.

Beastlord = Increased the base damage of profession abilities by 13%.
Brigand = Increased the base damage of profession abilities by 12%.
Dirge = Increased the base damage of profession abilities by 7%.
Swashbuckler = Increased the base damage of profession abilities by 4%.
Troubador = Increased the base damage of profession abilities by 4%

Yet there was no increase to base damage of assassin profession abilities.

Beastlords currently have no issue topping parses. Yet they received a 13 percent boost... I keep hearing mention that beastlords are supposed to be T1 DPS... Yet they have more utility and add more to groups then just about any other class. Yet assassins add one thing to groups, which is DPS... and currently they do not do that very well. Our core abilities no longer parse well at all. This game need to reclaim its original vision. Classes had unique roles to fill. When everyone can dps with Asensions... where does that leave a pure dps class like assassins?

Bards where utility that added amazing buffs to the groups
Brigands/Swashbucklers had a lot of de-buffs which greatly increased the raids effectiveness
Assassins/Rangers were the pure DPS classes
Beastlords where not there originally but came in as a jack of all trades

It was the same thing for the mages, healers, and tanks... each subclass had its role that was unique. Ascensions have blurred the lines... if not obliterated them.

Pure DPS classes like the assassin are finding themselves barely contributing to the overall effectiveness of the raids. The T1 DPS classes should have all their professional abilities damage increase to the point where ascension DPS should not be a top 10 DPS ability on their parse. There should be tiers of DPS... T1 DPS should be doubling if not Tripling none T1 DPS. Yet we find that tanks and non T1 DPS are topping parses.

Not to mention that as melee close combat DPSers, Assassins have it the hardest of all T1 DPS. We are having to run around in circles trying to keep in range of mobs to use our abilities. We have to joust out of many of the raid mechanics. In-fact, there are many encounters where we are left standing there twiddling our thumbs because we cannot get close to a raid boss. They decided to add encounters where everyone has to stand at a certain distance away from a boss or the raid wipes. Meanwhile the mages and range DPS still get to take cull advantage of their abilities. This is why Assassins... of all the T1 DPS need the biggest boost to their DPS to be useful to raids. We need to be able to burn our DPS fast when we have the chance to be close to the mob, before having to joust out for 10 to 30 seconds and twiddle our thumbs.
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