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Face it, the guys got a point.  For new players its no fun when there is such a drastic difference between an ok geared player and a twink.  Lets be honest if we all knew the info we know now and how much time and money we've put into this game with all of its flaws would we start over?  Probably not, if you think the OP is just some cry baby newb then start an alt on a new server without the financial backing of your main.  Also switch sides so you aren't as familiar with the layout of everything and how to blow through all the quests.  Fact is EQ2 is not a very balanced game and experienced players have a huge advantage (yes I think they should have some, but not as much as they do).  Would be nice if a person in quested gear and adept I spells actually had a chance against a twink if the twink wasn't paying full attention.  As it stands now the twink could be AFK for 10 min., come back to his computer and still two shot the "decent" geared player.
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