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Thanks for the clarificaiton Duntzz. I think both heal pets should be considered "Non-Targetable" by NPC's and their actions.
As far as the "Who gets the MT group spot" debate goes, it appears to some that it's not important, and to others that it is.
To me, it's important enough that I would change my class if I found myself put on the second string. I say second string because that's what my personal perspective of the support groups is. Not that there's any less function or value to them. It's just what I like to do. It's personally more fun to me to be one of the guys that keeps the main tank standing. I mean, the rest of the raid needs to keep up their DPS while staying alive. The MT support group has to become the PRIMARY target of the entire onslaught of mobs. I like that.
If I were a Berserker and found that the Guardian's ALWAYS got the MT spot, I'd switch to Guardian as well.
With that said, we don't even have a Defiler in our guild high enough to bump me from my spot, so I haven't really experienced it from either angle yet.
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