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DarkSyphon wrote:
It's the bone collection. You collect the cracked, shattered, weathered, unscathed and enchanted of a certain race, gave them to Marvos Stadrin (assuming you're Qeynosian) and ya get a Petrified Eye of (insert race here). Then ya just get a bone of the same race, put into inventory and use the petrified eye in activatable slot and use away. You need to have a bone (doesn't matter what kind, long as the same race as your petrified eye) in your inventory to be able to use it.
Hope that helps. 2am atm so don't mind the grammatical errors if any.

can you use this as often as you want or is it limited to a certain number of uses?

I'd hate to go around looking like a Dark Elf (hiding my High Elf looks) sneaking around in Nek/Commonlands and then find out I can no longer do so.

Also, does it wear off? Fade away?


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