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I would have to agree on the an ichorfeather acolyte taking to long to kill. The first one I (on my warden)burned down with my merc but it took over 10 min (I used my to regen power for 36 seconds/does a full regen on first tick, so that I could spam all my attacks and keep my merc with power. the 2 and 3rd I pulled at the same thime so I could use my limited AoE to start on the second one as well as my merc aoe. The fight to kill two took so long my merc timed out from standing still. I had the last one down to 40% had to use the bathroom got up left came back my charter was still at full life, so I went to take a shower came back the fight was over.

That is not challenging, that is not fun that is a time sink for the sake of being a time sink. It is tedius and needs to be addressed. Granted wardens are not true DPS but, the fight took so long and I was able to beat the mob while afk with auto attack.
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