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so i was looking closer at the dmg on the right hand prestige line and noticed that the spell efficency of caustic detonation seems low.

tool tip shows for me toxic assault 26707 - 42444 dmg w/ a .5 cast and .25 recovery leading to a 35609 - 56592 dps for casting the spell (crit not included)

while caustic detonation shows 8899 - 14141 (per target) w/ a 1 sec cast and .25 recov leading to 7119 - 11313 dps per target .    that means this spell is only worth casting if i can hit 5 targets min (and only barly if you are adding proc's in from the extra hits :/  )?  i personaly have seen maybe 2 trash encounters w/ this kind of target potential in beta testing.

this wouldn't bother me IF this was a automatic option and not costing extra points to aquire.  one more example of things added that in real game play are not worth having/using.

i also did some testing and is it intended that miasma can only proc off the direct target?  this really limits the usefulness of the ability. the increase to the damage and proc rate did help alot. if the proc targer limit was removed OR it was set to let secondary linked targets/ ae'd targets to trigger the abilty much like gift of bert. or many other procs i think many would be much happier and might really make it a true endline.

not that i think any of this will be addressed but feedback before release is what beta is about

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