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Who is it helping? There are a lot of people who solely craft and many who craft and adventure that do their crafting in their homes. Yes there are ways around a fuel depot for homes and for those who don't care either way those are fine. Some of us would like to not have to use a workaround for something that is really not that hard to implement. Personally I have 18 apprentices in my main's home, plus I do my regular crafting there many times, and would love to have a fuel depot as it would make it much simpler to craft without having to carry a ton of fuel on me or fill up my storage slots.

I think it's a great idea to have a fuel vendor NPC that we could buy with faction - or questable.  Or an auto supply type depot like the GH resource depot but for personal homes.

I have a "nexus" for my researchers, also, and craft there often.  Even though the GH is just a click away, it's more convenient to do it on-site, since my home portals are in the nexus.  And a LARGER personal resource depot would be great - esp with auto-supply (like the GH depots).

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