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General_Info wrote:

Ulrichvon wrote:

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Atlan's idea is a great idea however it kinda takes away some of the lore that there is a cost rather than fuel to craft something...., the apprentices selling fuel is a great idea, the fuel suppy depot is a great idea, there are many great ideas being tossed around here. But I am tired of my bags and house vault being filled with fuels I cant tell you how many times I have gone to my door and closed it too hard and one of my bags fell out of my vault spilling coal all over my beautiful white carpet...

One of the bonuses of Atan's idea is that many, many dupes that have been abused in this game are related to fuels.

I hate carrying around 6 different coals so I can make something if I need to,  coin would be so much simpler.

It may sound simple but we dont know how coin relates ingame compared to fuel and mats. i think ti would be far easier to consolidate all fuels of a type into one item and then increase the stack size and adjust the price so making an item after the change that used to use 5 etheral coals still costs 5gworth of coal per combine.

All of those ideas involve changing the entire database of 30,000+ recipes. It could be simple. It could also turn into a nightmare. Let's just leave well enough alone. It ain't broke and it don't need fixin'.

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