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tkia wrote:

d1anaw wrote:

No one is saying YOU have to have one, but why not make it available for those who want it? Whose it hurting?

Everybody that uses the database that has to hold all the new rows needed by all the new boxes that everybody will be using ... so, I guess that's everybody?

And when they cave in and give you that, somebody will start shouting for yet another new toy that adds a substantial number of new rows to the database.  Where is it supposed to end?

^ This.

And to echo another comment: This again? We went through this last year. Here we are again, recycling the same bad ideas. There's no telling what will happen if they try to get another box in the house. Adding a vendor or some amenity that increases rent is easily countered by all the coin and status reduction furniture. You would also be putting rent on prestige houses, which may or may not cause problems. There's reallly no good reason to add a fuel amenity to the home, as you're never more than a zone away from a fuel vendor. If your house is published, you could even make it so you pop-out right next to the desired vendor. There are other good alternatives in this thread and they don't put us at risk for any kind of house bug.

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