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You submit at the main PlayerStudio site.

If you have not already done so, you can save yourself many headaches by carefully reading all the pages linked from there about the game you wish to submit for *first* -- as in before you do anything else. SMILEY

Then re-examine your artwork (all 3 maps, etc) based on the information in those pages. Think it over, and see if any extra "polishing" is needed before you submit.

When submitting, double-check that your .zip file has exactly what is requested on the submission page. Any variation and it will be flagged as "invalid" (automatic rejection).

Hope that helps. SMILEY

Oh, and as the subject and first post of this thread says, choose wisely how you do your sample screen-shots. That screen-shot is your "sales pitch."  Make it a good one! SMILEY

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