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Cakvala wrote:

Syrah wrote:

You guys are great.

We did get screen shots today that showed part of the object rendered, part of the object not-yet-rendered, and a lot of tool interface. You don't want it to require an explanation or a close examination to figure out what it is.

What? You don't like a good mystery?

Who doesn't?!

The most ideal screenshot is one that's similar to the screenshots included in the example file downloads. They're generally larger (1024 or 1280 I believe) and show a few angles of the item. No effects/touchups/etc - just the item in good form. There are a lot of people submitting a lot of items (which means a lot of shots to see/compare to) and we use the shots to decide which items may move forward more quickly. Think of it as a sales pitch as that's what it really is.

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