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Alright, so I generally agree with the points made here. I guess all of the recluse posters are being drawn out to act. Here are my reflections and suggestions: 1) Pet SDA imbalance: If this is a great issue, please consider redistributing the sda to the conjuror at a reduced rate. If, for example, each point gives us 0.5% sda, we'd have 4% for us and 4% for our pet. Not only does this give you a dps adjustment that you seem to intend, but it also shifts dps towards the conjuror. 2) Shadowstep: Please allow the teleport to activate for our mage pet. It would allow us to forcibly destroy our pet when it grabs aggro. With the new reanimate death prevent you introduced (excellent choice), we could have a great combo with a time warped EB. 3) Magical leash: Please consider giving this a positional detaunt for the mage pet. That would make it infinitely more useful and free up the heroic end line to be replaced with something interesting. Maybe an ability that converts 10% of our pet's damage to group heals for ten seconds (Essence of the Hydromancer?) every 3 minutes to give a legitimate utility alternative to soulburn. 4) Pet attack: What has been suggested would be great. If you give the mage pet a ranged attack, even if it's no damage, that forces it to remain at range, you will have many happy conjurors. 5) Dumbfire pets: There are two real options, which are to either make them immortal and untargetable (a dot) or give them shared stats and ae immunity. They are currently broken, of which I'm sure you're aware. 6) Enhance: Fire Seed: Please consider making the fifth point in this ability to allow casting of it on anyone in the raid. That would be amazing. Thanks for working to improve our class! Fitzx
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