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Just curious what the level 60 players are doing for the next three weeks till the grind begins again. I have been 60 for awhile, raid once or twice a week, but will have most every nite free till the expansion begins but don't know what to do with my time.
I was doing PP every nite hoping to snag silverthorn or the BP and last nite while myself and another ranger were being curteous and begging the other to loot it (first time I have seen it in like 40 runs) a freaking mage snags it /boggle. Just not sure I can go back there and play with the dolls much more.
I am halfway thru the peacock series but guild is giving up on the broken prismatics while the ring of fate is tempting, is it worth all that work for a ranger ? I was also thinking that if AA exp is granted for finishing quests that it would be best to hold off to get the exp from all these quests ........
Money is nice going into an expansion but then the items are so over-inflated I have found wait a month and some of them go from rare to extremely common.
So should I farm, keep hitting PP, work on prismatic, ring of fate, or just give up lol ?
Any suggestions ?

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