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You guys can take this or leave it but I have leveled up a zerker to lvl 60 and then leveled up a guardian to lvl 70.  In my time as both I've discovered that the difference between guardian's and zerker's are small but signifiant.  Basicly if you are the MT for your guild and want to have the best survivability as a raid tank (important here I said raid tank not regular tank) then guardian is the route for you.  If you want to be the best overall tank (some raid tanking and some single group tanking/soloing) then stay as a berserker. If you do switch over to a guardian trust me when I say you will notice some big differences between the two.  For one, your aggro generation will be about 1/3 of what you are accustomed to now.  You will find yourself fighting for aggro unless you have classes in your group/raid with aggro xfer abilities that put them on you.  My guild usually runs myself as MT (guardian) and a zerker as OT.  While I put 2-3 classes in my group to maintain aggro accross the raid the Berserker only needs 1, if that.  With a dirge in his group (even if the dirge dosn't hate buff him) he still pulls aggro from me sometimes.  That's with me having a assasin and a dirge in my group.  I've swapped out the assasin for a coecer and the same result of him pulling hate sometimes still occurs.  You guys also have 2 anti-death abilities now while guardians get none (I'm sorry but extending the duration of UW does nothing for us guardians cause in the end we still die).  Zerker's aggro generation for single and group encounters surpasses guardian's no matter what.  With EoF from what I was told you guys can get your incombat health regen up over 100pts a tick, which helps the healers out a bit with keeping you healed. Having said that, as a guardian you have more tool's at your disposal to smooth out inc dmg.  Our ToS line is the main reason guardian's make better raid tanks than any other class, when the [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] hit's the fan we can at will give our healer's a few extra seconds to get those heals on us to keep the raid from wiping.  We have with EoF a few more abilities to our name now as well, block for example (soon as they fix it.  It is currently broken in that it goes away the first time your hit, regardless of how much time is left on it) and also reductions to our timers for our reinforcement line and the ToS line.  Our mitigation on our 30 sec group defense buff can be increased as well.  Our 10 sec renewable taunt+dmg attack also has a AA that can give it a max of a 15% increase to the dmg and taunt of it. In the end it's basicly up to your style of play, what you are looking to accomplish for yourself and your guild.  You want the most defensive tank you can get then go guard, if you want a good mix of defensive with superior aggro generation stay berserker.  This is solely for the raid tanks out there though.  If you mostly 1 group then berserker hands down every time.
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