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*hops in and froaks*

Guide Events 19th - 25th November:

Saturday 20th November at 9.00pm/21.00 UK time (1.00pm/13.00 PST) a poor halfling will be dinner for some trolls, unless you find them something better to eat! They are in Antonica!

Monday 22nd November at 3.45pm/15.45 UK time (7.45am PST) Hallden the Dwarf needs help regarding an ale collection. He is in North Qeynos.

Tuesday 23rd November at 2.00am UK time (6.00pm/18.00 PST) a snowlady will be sharing the secret of looking good in Frostfang Sea!

Wednesday 24th November at 12.00pm/noon UK time (4.00am PST) Oyenna Loresinger needs help replacing a family heirloom. She can be found in the Enchanted Lands.

*hops out*

Disclaimer (stolen from the Permafrost Guide Team *grins, winks and waves*): *Note* Due to the fact that scheduling can change, all times are generalized based on PST/PDT timing. Note that the approximate times given are based on when the scheduled event is intended to begin. Late starts and cancellations may happen without warning/last minute. Be aware that some cancellations or time changes occur and are beyond my control, however, we will inform you of these changes in advance when/if possible. Due to the nature of some quests/events this listing may not contain all of the quests or events on "our" schedule.


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