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*hops in and froaks*

Guide Events 5th - 11th November:

Monday 8th November at 9.00pm/21.00h UK time (1.00pm/13.00 PST) Halden the Dwarf needs help completing his ale collection in Qeynos Harbor!

Wednesday 10th November at 9.30am UK time (01.30am PST) Oyenna Loresinger needs help regarding a family songbook in Butcherblock Mountains!

Wednesday 10th November at 8.00pm UK time (12.00pm/noon PST) a hunter is in need of some hunting supplies in Qeynos Harbor!

Thursday 11th November at 11.30am UK time (3.30am PST) an arasai chef and a froglok are in a heated discussion regarding the cooking of the froglok legs. Either of them might need help persuading the other of their arguments. They can be found in The Commonlands.

Thursday 11th November at 6.00pm/18.00h UK time (10.00am PST) a halfling in Kelethin needs help with ideas on the best decorated cake for a very special occasion.

*hops out*

Disclaimer (stolen from the Permafrost Guide Team *grins, winks and waves*): *Note* Due to the fact that scheduling can change, all times are generalized based on PST/PDT timing. Note that the approximate times given are based on when the scheduled event is intended to begin. Late starts and cancellations may happen without warning/last minute. Be aware that some cancellations or time changes occur and are beyond my control, however, we will inform you of these changes in advance when/if possible. Due to the nature of some quests/events this listing may not contain all of the quests or events on "our" schedule.


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