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Thursday 9th September at 12.30pm UK time (4.30am PDT) a Fae in need of help getting rid of the troll in her shadow is roaming Antonica.

it's a joke this afternoone i sat waiting for almost an hour. =(

2,5 hours ago a guide logged in, i asked if there was any event comming, he said yes in half an hour. so i skipped group and waited. i crafted whit the alt i was on and logged in the toon where i was going to do event whit, i stared at the chat window for an hour. i was a NQ gate at antonica as i almost mised last event do to beeing on docks. now 15min ago when i asked aperently there was one messige and event was on docks. so relogging to toon made me miss the one and only messige, my whole game night was wasted by waiting for nothing -again!

guide event infomation is poor. why can't i find such information at the startbox, it have information about daily zones so why not that? would be good if it said in how long time as i have rally big issues understanding PM/AM. it was also posted in 24hour clock times this problem would be solved for me.or and reliable slashcomand to get information.or somethign that can trigger a macro or sound in ACT.

I'm sorry you waited around, but I can assure you the quest was ran around the time it was announced. I'm sure you'll get another opportunity to participate in this quest soon. I'll try using 24h clock times for future announcements if it helps.

Your ideas about the Welcome Screen and ACT triggers sound interesting, I suggest you /feedback and ask the devs.


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