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DarkFatesBeautifulMom wrote:

I know it's supposed to be hush-hush, but is there going to be anything PlanetSide related at this year's Fan Faire? Lots of people would definitely show up if we knew that there was something there for us too!

Well there was a resont inteview with Smed at a gaming website(like a couple days befor the restructuring anouncement) where Smed said what amounts to I can't talk about PS:N and EQ:N now but we should have something to talk about "latter in the year". Well SoE has stated they want to make thier big anouncements at Fan Faire, and Fan Faire is "later in the year" so I would get there will indeed be "Something" reguarding PS:N at Fan Faire. Be it an offical anouncment of its launch name, or in game footage, or even more then that who knows(outside SoE). Me I am going in thinking it will be an offical anouncment of the game and maybe some screenshots and in-game footage(or a trailer). Cause IMO that is the least they are likly to do at Fan Faire in reguards to PS:N, that way if they do give us more it will be a plesent suprize.

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