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Fyreflyte wrote:

I cannot replicate the spinning issue. Was he attacking or using knockbacks during this time, or was he stunnuned, but selectiong targets the whole time?

I'm hesitant to up the frequency of charges, as that would make him much easier to beat on (he doesn't atatck while charging up). You can trigger an automatic charge simply by running away from him fast enough. If he has no one in melee range, he'll charge at his target, albiet at a higher speed and with no pause to paw the ground.

I greatly reduced the movement weave caused by the smaller gargoyles.

well we did the zone but i can assure you - if this goes live like this it will be a hated zone just for this isnt hard but you have to place a gargoyle between you and the mob - the knockback of the gargoylesplus the blurry sight makes it incredible annoying and doesnt add to the difficulty at all. it really just makespeople rage.imagine runnign it with pickup where there is a pet class and the person playing said class is not so good letsput it that way. if he doesnt withdraw the pet the mob will spin arround when he is charging.

imho its a terrible encounter due to borky mechanics. no fun at all SMILEY if it stays that way i can assure you peoplewill run that zone once and never again.

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