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Summoners (Conji/Necro), Brawlers (Bruiser/Monk), Coercers (Charm).Summoners have pets and offensive abilities up the ying yang.Outdoors I give the edge to Conjurors with Plane Shift and Winds of Velious (Unbreakable snare).Indoors I give the edge to Necros as Feign Death is a nice way out.Brawlers have great damage, self heals and the ability to kill part of a group, feign and regen health, stand up and pick off another, regen health, pick off another etc.Coercers just keep feeding charmed mobs to their target until they either run out of mobs of the target runs out of hit points. Coercers can solo bigger targets than anything I've ever seen personally. (They just can't feign or heal, but they can stun and mez/charm.)
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