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Ross nodded.  "Alright then."  She sat down and took a quill and ink out.  "I need you to tell me everything, Ziqua.  From when you lived with your aunt and uncle to now."

Alderman frowned.  "As I said before this matter is being taken care of by the Qeynos Guard, miss.  Stop antagonizing other visitors or leave."

Herrigan glanced around and undid the shackles.  "No need for these in there."  He held a hand out to help her up.


Bella lowered her paws.  "Is alrights nows, Miss. Senris."

Rothgut took a deep breath and let it out slowly. 

Aloysiius grinned.  "Of course that's not it!  Have some patience, little one."  he winked and continued.  "The Ogre was furious that his people had abondoned him and so he left and gathered them again, with threats and promises and bribes and cunning and so they returned to the cleft with hundreds more and he called up.  'I have returned to demolish your filthy village with an army seven-hundred strong!  Kneel before our might!'  But again, only a lone voice replied.  'I forgot to mention it, but for every three froglok we have there is a dragon that can eat as many as two ogres in a single gulp.'  At this the army once again began to murmur and shuffled and they again dispersed and the Ogre was again furious."

Toska looked up.  "Yes...well, noes...well..."  She sighed.  "Is a wounds thats is embueds with divines ands we's was thinkings thats a Paladins coulds helps."

Charlemin nodded.  "Lead the way."  He turned and looked at the other Ratonga.  "Who is this?"  He asked, a little suspicously.


In the next room Aleteriq calmed down, listening to the music.  He leaned into his brother's side and his eyes grew heavy.  Danlore put an arm around him and pulled his own cloak from his shoulders, wrapping Al in it.

Llew turned as the front door opened.  Alaric stepped into the foyer and was followed by at least three in robes.  He glanced up before stepping into the other room.  "Is your friend...uh...decent?"  He asked.  Llew nodded.


Del made sure the others were seated before picking up the oars and with long, strong strokes began to move the dignhy towards the ship.

"She's a goo' ship, my Lurln'ley.  A proper lil' scoop, she be."

Padparadisch nodded without actually hearing anything.  His hand went to his throat abesently.

-All puns intended.

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