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Ross, busy with the folding bed did not see the girl’s nod.  “I’ll have some tea brought up.”  She finally got the bed to fold correctly and slid it back behind the crates.  “Please, sit down.”  She indicated a chair and then went behind the desk, digging out some parchment.


Alderman shook his head.  “If you are not here on business with the Qeynos Guard, I will have to ask you to leave, Ms. Vyrenia.  You cannot come in here to provoke suspects; we are taking care of it.”


Herrigan motioned for Mazsra to get into the wagon.  “Are the horses ready?”

Norna nodded.  “Yep.  These guys are pretty well mannered.”  She patted the gray one on the back.  The horse nickered and tossed its head playfully.




Bella was glad that her spell had worked.  She took a book out of her backpack and began to flip through it.  She bit her lip as she came across the Epiphany spell.  She should have remembered it without having to look it up.  She snapped the book shut and slid it back out of sight, raised her paws and began to cast.


Rothgut raised a paw.  “Its is nots for us to says whats the Elders wills and wills nots does.”  He glanced around the room at all the non-Ratongans and dropped his voice, slipping into his native language.  “Ands this is nots the place to loudlies speaks of such things.”


Aloysiius rubbed his hands together and began the story.  “A long time ago in the marshes an Ogre gathered his people and marched upon the Frogloks.  He stood before the cleft that the Frogloks lived upon and called up.  ‘I shall burn your puny village to the ground and trample your warriors underfoot and any who live shall be our slaves!’

A lone voice drifted upon the wind over the cleft.  ‘And how many hast thou brought to complete this task?’

‘One-hundred strong Ogres!’

‘We have five-hundred warriors.’  The voice called confidently.

The Ogre army filled with mutters of uncertainty.  Doubt filled them until they turned and left.”


Charlemin turned from Aloysiius’ story as the door slammed shut.  He stood and went to the door, but when he opened it he only found a Flamefist and a Ratonga male.  He nodded his head to the two, but before he could ask about the crying female his sister came running up behind Zach.  “Charlie!  Aly needs you’s helps!”




Rene shook her head.  “Not at all.”  She turned and frowned at the door.  They did seem to be taking long.




Del stopped at the edge of the dock and leaned down.  “Alrigh’, all aboard!”  She nodded to the dinghy below and then stepped down, un-phased by the rocking of the rowboat.  Padparadisch was less confident.  He sat down on the dock and carefully lowered himself down, sitting on one of the benches.  Del reached her hand up to help Xia.




Grumblefoot put the stone down and went back to researching.


((Yeah, I remember the mention of rags too.  I was picturing the tatty smock the characters have when they’re undressed or in the invisible armor.))


-All puns intended.

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