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Mermut wrote:

ShadyCharacter wrote:

Yes and no on the +dps. It does help till you cap of course, which is pretty easy to do in a raid and groups and these days my SK caps solo.

Part of the reason your SK caps solo is that all the tank gear has DPS

Really? I am well aware of where it comes from and if you want to get technical it comes from adornments, procs and buffs in addition to the tank gear. I used the SK as an extreme example because my Brigand caps easily in groups or raids but can not solo (she isn't far though). Hoss has attested that capping on dps is not hard on scouts, and he is far from the only one I have seen.

My point is dps is so often capped on multiple characters these days having large amounts of it on gear quickly becomes redundant. As it's cap is relatively low it would be much better to stick more of an uncapped stat like MA or CB or Potentcy.

Sorry Onorem, I do agree +dps is more useful than riposte, without a doubt. At least it is till it is capped of course then yet another item with +20 dps is as useless as riposte, and it hurts when we are getting that in lieu of an uncapped stat that would continue to add benefits.

In short it is useful to a point, then it becomes useless. The problem is it is easy to get to that point. Hence the yes and no.

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