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The reason they did this is simple. Ezekeil in beta lobbied for it and they listened. Lot of folks said it was bad and Dev's said it was just they solo quest stuff they added it to to make soloing easier. This was a lie becuase group rewards have it as well.

Basically when you add

a. There is no quality assurance on who gets into beta,

b. The fact that most of the testing was done by over-geared players from SF (testing with the guide that cleared everything SF weeks before everyone else is probably a poor sample for your average playerbase)

c. A lack of a class manifesto or design guide to base assessments from.

d. The Item Dev is clueless on itemization. Examples include: Reposte on lots of group aquired (solo stuff is wrong too) scout gear, huge amounts of DPS on fighter gear.

e. Horrible progression in zones.

f. GNINJA must have a secret way to by-pass QA because there is no way half of his stuff is tested or even passes a basic sanity test.

You end up with constant "adjustments", an unhappy userbase and and a general fail experience for the expansion.

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