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I know exactly how you feel.  Assassins do 1.5x to 2x my dps. Sometimes more. Its hard to justify a brig on a raid anymore. Our swashy brethren are feeling the pain also, with the lack of AOE fights this expansion. Its sad that a well played dirge will out dps a brig without a dirge. With brig dps and no hate transfer we always get the worst dps group to boot.

Its not just the spot on the parse that hurts. Its the fact that every class has mit debufs and there is a rune that debufs also. Dispatch is the ONLY reason we get a single raid slot and even that is watered down.

The last insult this exapansion is that I havent seen a single scout throwing item in the game. bye bye double throw as you have to put a new crit item in the ranged slot. Also the scout weapons are all over the map, no planning what so ever.

I gota say im not happy at all with the brig class. We need a boost in a bad way. Im guessing since rogues in general and brigs specifically are the least played, love isnt coming anytime soon.

The overall expansion itself is pretty good. I like the increased tuffness. The artwork is good. The PQs are kinda cool. But getting left behind has taken the fun out of it for me. With many classes 2x my dps and most classes above me its hard to take. We need to be about 80% of top dps and well above utility dps. We are no where close to that

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