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Hennyo wrote:

One last thing, who do I have to beg to get the increment count on Ferocity of Spirits to be on Maintained spells, and not just spell effects like it is right now? This isn't a request for any sort of mechanic or balance change, just would make it a lot easier to keep track of which increment I am on.

It is in maintained spells as far as I've observed, including increment notifications in the corner of the icon. Ui bug, maybe?

I'd like to feedback that putting the control break on ancestral support makes it too powerful. Being able to use it as a break for almost every aoe is a bit much for how low it is in the tree. People with dual conversions can potentially buy it...

Adding it to immunities makes it single target and forces us to work more for the desired results. It justifies the cost of going all the way to the end line.

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