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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

If I had to guess, you guys are losing spots to inqs/defilers/wardens because of how you play the class, not because of the state of the class.

Mystics are hands down the best priest class and have been for multiple expansions, and are continuing to be by miles.

i hate to disagree but i would say Inquis is the best priest class hands down by miles..

I'll let you know when an inquisitor is warding me for 90k+ every aoe while increasing by dps by 200k.

PS, It won't happen.

But this has gotten off topic. Increase the reuse on the ward endline in dps line to 90 seconds base and take off all the proc limiters on the other procs.

90k+ wow your mystic is way better equiped then mine my grp ward only does 55k and the single target is less...your a beastlord your class by far gets the most out of mystic buffs as your pet gets the stat and cb gains from bolster,avatar and ROA  so i think thats a bit unfair as most other classes and lesser geared players will gain less.

and what are the final numbers on the inquisitor group ward? i went through the thread saw it wards 16k to each group member and while i haven't seen any recent numbers thats 96k to the group so guess what it already has happend..

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