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I cannot believe we are going to repeat this mistake. I thought we had learned this lesson before. In EQ1, the Planes of Power expansion had nearly every zone locked behind access quests, and what was the result? The result was a massive exodus of the player population. Do not repeat this mistake. I thought Sony knew better by this point.Zones should not be locked - we should be free to go to the new zones on launch day.

 *taken from EQ2 Wire, Mechanics Panel from Fan Faire*Q: Are we going back to Chelsith to level to 95? A: Solo, Quest, and Group XP will be more appealing than going back to Chelsith.

Between the above quote, the gated zones, and this thread, I suspect I won't be leveling ANY of my characters in new zones.If you want us to do quests, make them worth doing - do not try to force us to do them. Solo zones should give 1500 EXP per kill, just like they did on Day 1 of Beta. Heroic Zones should give 3000-6000 or more per kill, and they should be accessable on Day 1 of Live, and be accessable by everyone.

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