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Nykolis wrote:

I think it is because the dungeons scale everyone up to level 90 base stats, then adjust the mobs depending on how the dungeon is set up ( + level , - tier, etc ).  It obviously adjusts the health and power based on the stats you should have at that level + any gear you have + any AAs you have + skills.  The problem is that a level 90 toon is going to have a LOT better gear, AAs, and skills than a level 25, 50, or 75 toon.  It wont scale your gear, aa, or skills, so you will essentially be a level 90 toon, with level 90 base stats, using low level gear, AAs and skills.. so you wont be able to handle white con mobs as easily as you normally would.

The scaling issue was working fine after the first hotfix when player char's in dungeons went live.  A level 30 char would scale up to level 90, the mobs were all 90, the characters abilities were increased to level 90, etc.  If you could do it at 90, that same dungeon could be done with a level 30 character.  Once the Qeynos Rising update went in, player scaling in dungeons went all to hell.  Low level chars would be entered as a pseudo-90, with no mana increase, insufficient ability boosts, etc. making the player dungeons only useful if you played a 90+ character or went back to avatars.  To date, nothing has been done to address these issues despite numerous threads complaining about them, so unless you're 90+, DM's have become a waste for any class.

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