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Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill
Named Mob Yagg-Kythor - He casts SPIKES way too often, already has a ton of HP, but when he casts SPIKES, he puts a ward on himself that clears all damage being done, wards him against 1,251,546 damage, & drains power of group. He can be interrupted when casting spikes, however, he casts it every 3 seconds, I have 5 interrupts & cycle them nonstop, can hardly heal & cannot do any damage abilities. Heroic, sure it's to be expected to be a group effort, but for ADVANCED SOLO???? As a healer, I already do LOW dps, but when I cannot even dps because I have to spend all my time interrupting, how am I supposed to kill it. Oh, and I am not solo, I am grouped with a Monk tanking it, but we are both stuck with no more ideas. Is this mob working the way it is supposed to or is it bugged?
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