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Nebbeny wrote:

I play a monk, currently in PoW/HMdrunder raid gear, typically these solo mobs melt in a few seconds, but the Cenobites took around 30 seconds to kill, at 130k dps. From what I saw, they sit there and do nothing (presumably waiting for the ritual their buff mentions to complete) then fully heal and start retaliating. Except that I only saw 1 mob with the end result buff on him (enlarge 70%, add 70% MA, and a 3rd part i don't remember) and that was one i'd disengaged with by dying or FD (was skipping most of the trash in the zone, untill i got to this section and Blood claws just brought me to my knees). The Cenobites aren't the mobs I had issues with health wise though, like i said, i expected them to have that much health so they could get the ritual off. It was the "a Devourite Protector" that came in pairs. 1 would have a normal amount of health and the other would have millions of hit points (hard to judge with dev fist). Just seemed out of place.   edit- for a reference, the ones with bumped up hp, hit for 36 million, the normal ones dev fist hits for 5 million.  So the seemingly buggy one has about 7x as much hit points as the other, roughly.  Thanks for taking a look at the challenge mode loot tables, going to head back in and clear it non-challenge and see what that gives me.  And yeah, killed it non-challenge, same drops, 1 chest and 1 clicky.  I think the range on interrupting him needs to be increased, stepped out of melee range and couldn't cilck.  I also got interrupted by a KB on my first try clicking, interrupted by a dot on the second go, 3rd got through luckily enough.  Him healing to full when interrupting the ritual seems a bit unneccessary though.

I nerfed the protectors pretty hard. 

He will not stun himself so he should not interrupt you.

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