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I don't want to sound like I'm complaining; the expansion is very well done. But the xp requirements and gating on gaining xp as it stands leaves me feeling a bit bummed about the expansion overall. It's seems like this expansion will be punishing for those who play for extended periods at a time. Everything has a lockout now, even exp.

Isn't gaining the xp itself the gate to leveling? I mean if the levels were 20 mil+ xp each I wouldn't complain. But gating the ability to earn experience just seems like a low blow. It feels like a tactic to force people to log in. Log in and play for the ability to earn exp? Earning exp should not be a reward. The reward comes after you finish earning it.

This along with a few other things this expansion feel like they belong in Aion, rather than eq2.

This process should be more eq2 like, finish quest line, unlock ascension class masters, level up classes. The way it stands now it will be messy for alts, and anyone who decides to return mid expansion. I don't know of anyone who enjoys logging in just to grind a daily (log in get scroll, hit SS, swap to alt repeat.).

I told my wife and sons about the system and they no longer want the expansion.

From a business standpoint, won't this limit the sale of xp potions and vials?
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