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Sure, but with such a limiting concept, as a new player i won't be interested in starting a game which hardlimits me for months no matter how much time i spend and how much help from friends i get!
As someone considering creating a new character and maybe even taking it as the new main character, hardlimited months to catch up will probably surpress this idea in the beginning. Stick with the other char which maybe does not bring the fun anymore? Quit the game? Again i have to emphasize, i am not talking about me, i fear about major problems with new members/setup changes for all raidforces.

Sure, a new character should not beat the long played, fit mainchar in no time. But with plenty of efforts and support from a huge amount of assisting players, it should be able to catch up in a reasonable timespan. Equipping a new character with a raidforce already having most characters equipped is also not an overnight action, but can be done very fast though.
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