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Kander I think you misunderstood my reply as a complaint. It was not, it was concern. Not for myself or my guild, but for small guilds fighting recruitment and retention tooth & nail. It effects them. They can't fill a roster as it is.

Guild recruitment in EQ2 tends to flow toward guilds with past achievements. That's also true in each current expansion when someone is shopping for a guild. Players turn to and check guild progress before submitting an application. While this may be great for larger guilds with an excellent history of clearing expansions, it does not boast well for guilds with little to no raid history.

My reply is for them. They are facing an inevitable and disastrous future. Players will show up, on time, be prepared and have their pride and ambition snuffed out while they get their butts handed to them. All because the guild simply cannot fill the last 5-7 slots. So not only do they not get the kill, but they have to call it a night because there's little to no content that they can complete with their current strength. To make matters worse, there is no X2 raid zone this expansion. So the existing players disband and leave the guild because they want to raid. Now the guild leader is forced to disband his/her guild and join a guild that can actually recruit enough people to meet the resolve requirement. This is fantastic news for large guilds. But I feel it will have a domino effect on the overall numbers we see on each server.

That's my prediction. I hope I'm wrong.

As to your final question, we are scheduled to raid with Gninja next week. We were among the last on his list.
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