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The troubadour stifle was reduced from 9 seconds to 4 seconds (includes the 5 aas to increase the duration by 2.5seconds)...

NOW, it has been reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds... surely this is a mistake..

were you reading feedback posted before you actually reduced the changes from 9 seconds to 4 seconds?

at 2seconds in pvp, the attack isn't even worth casting.. .even at 4 seconds you still have to be LUCKY for it to land, being that it is a "combat art".. + you need to be stood still.

basically the troubadour, which is a "enchanter type scout".. has as much CC as a ranger without the single target DPS.

2seconds includes the 5 AAs spent in the troubadour tree which is supposed to increase it by 2.5seconds.. so 2 seconds + 2.5seconds + 10% from harmonization = 2 seconds???

How is a troubadour supposed to kill someone 1 versus 1 in open world PVP, especially a ranger or a mage. ok, against a rogue you can use veil of notes and spam your buttons (pretty crap skill), but even so, against someone good : the swashy can mez you, cheap shot, then evade, or others can cheapshot, then evade.. and then destroy you in 2 seconds.. a ranger can eat you.

Secondly countersong seems to have reverted to reducing just the next dmg spell.. instead of reducing the spells for the duration. .. and also no longer reduces AE autoattack. Another useless spell.. for it to work you have to time in precisely.. and from tests it seems that if they are already casting the spell it does not effect that one.. example.. i see them cast rift, i press countersong.. doesn't do anything until the next spell and lets be honest, even if you could time it just right, you'd have to be extremely good.. and then wait for 10minutes for it to recast.

it used to have a PVP tick.

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