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Hello fellow Mystics,

according to a GM, a sub-quest of the Epic is broken atm. The name of the quest is "A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor" and the altar in Thundering Steppes seems to have been stolen by greedy gnolls ! Shame on them.

Just wanted to let you know since I was about to resort to drastic measures (betray to defiler and back just to get the Epic and ER done SMILEY ). I will make a note in the appropriate section on Wikia, so it can be more easily found.

Here's a copy of the answer to my petition :

Greetings Callinia,This is GM *censored*, thank you for your patience while waiting for our response. Unfortunately it looks like the alter that you need for your quest "A Sleeping Stone" has decided to hide itself. We have gone ahead and reported this issue to our Dev team so that they can investigate it further. Since this is globally broken so I am unfortunately unable update this quest for you but please hang in there for us. Please keep an eye on our patch notes for more information on this issue and if you need any other assistance please feel free to let us know.Best Regards,Master of the TowerGM *censored*EverQuest IISony Online Entertainment

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