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Great looking zone and had a blast doing it last night but a few things that I have questions on or maybe could be more intuitive and then a few things that need some polishing.

The adds in the tube im not sure if they are supposed to be like a trap but their pathing is all over the place and they are on all kinds of different levels which makes picking them up a little difficult. Even when pulling htem out of the tube they warp thru walls and floors. Tube looks awesome btw and is definately a cool way to get around the zone.

Fitzpitzle, awesome fight, a little reminiscent of the Varsoon fight (a lot easier of course.) His pathing is pretty bad and in the Tinkerers room it is downright atrocious. He spazzes out and its difficult to tell if he is activating a clockwork or if he is just walking by it. Definately needs to be smoothed out but a pretty cool concept.

Oligar of the Dead, was a pretty easy fight, looks like he memwiped to a player but even after rescuing one shots them. Golems spawn in the 2 side rooms and on the platform but not sure what they have to do with the fight. We wound up just burning down Oligar and then zoning over after trying to kill the golems. When we zone over to Deathtoll Tower nothing is there and nothing is clickable or happens. Not sure if that was supposed to be the end of the zone or if it was supposed to have the final boss but nothing happens at that point. We clicked and activated all the soul wells (not sure what that did other than maybe taking down a barrier before Bastion.) We could have burned down the golems but it would have taken a LONG time and I doubt that is how that fight is designed.

Anyway, overall, great zone, mob damage/health seems fine, really liked the concept of the Bastion and Fitzpitzle fights. Some of the traps were a surprise, the tube mobs were definately a pain but i can understand why there would be issues with them being that it is water. Need to polish a few things and maybe look into what is happening after killing oligar but this zone is a good one.

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