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TheSpin wrote:

Mystic has the melee option, which means a much quicker soloing experience, the dps on short to medium fights is greatly increased.

I'm actually curious if this will remain true with the new mechanics.  For so long Defilers simply "gave up" and didn't even try.  I wish respecs were free, because I'd love to see what some of our spells do now with all the consolidated crits and ability modifier.  I suspect that the gap has closed pretty considerably.

For debuffs I like the defiler better because they have the AA to really increase the cast time of debuffs, so much that you can actually get your debuffs off pretty easily between heals.  Mystic does have better multi target debuffs however.

I'm not sure I buy this at all.  Umbral Trap is shared, and Defilers can actually upgrade it through AA's, which we cannot do.  They don't have a castable encounter Slow, like Lethargy, but they do have a reactive slow that debuffs mobs who are hitting their tank.  I'm thinking that Defilers probably do it differently, but fairly equally.

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