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Despite what some people are saying nobody doing any non-farm/trash raiding is going to use Recklessness during an encounter that needs tanking.  The AEs alone become massive and destroy tanks.

When mages are used to tank entire farm runs I'll agree this stance isn't OP.

In conclusion, if the stance just ensures wanting to keep 4 Fighters in a raid without it feeling like a drain and doesn't start pushing guilds to utilize more than that seriously than how can you say that the stance is OP'd?

Why would you bring a swash over a SK? Or really even a brig these days over a SK? SK's in this stance can distroying them in DPS while in this stance.

Edited out all the trolling remark so the post maybe able to be kept intact..

Rogues should be balanced against other scouts/utility if they have problems with a spot.  Honestly though why would a raid not bring a Brig?  They increase the DPS of everybody massively.  We don't utilize a Swash right now, and perhaps that is an indicator they need some adjusting, but from the sounds of it they can parse almost as much as an Assassin, have access to debuffs on mobs nobody else has, and has the best hate transfer to a tank in-game.  1 Rogue per raid doesn't seem bad at all, but if they think they need a boost for additional slots I would suggest going after the Bard spots that are hording 4 in a raid.

If you can answer honestly do you really see this increasing the desireability of Fighters in raids to more than 4?  If not than there really is no argument against it.  If so, than please let us know how that will happen.

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