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I'm a big fan of the story when it comes to games. One of the things I've enjoyed over the years is the way EQ2's story had progressed and certain elements would occasionally resurface to expand or complete something.

With that being said I agree that this questline has an abrupt end to it. Upon going back to Maelin we bring up the fact that the elemental gods were possibly corrupted still. Maelin and our character kinda shrug that off and then nothing. We don't bring up that Najena also mentioned a future Shissar invasion, we don't ask about Druzzil Ro's imprisonment or say anything else but thanks for the new gear.

I kinda remember the Shissar coming up during Alter of Malice's storyline but was a brief appearance. I'm glad they might be showing up eventually, but at same time I feel a bit of a void in the current lore. My hope is that we'll get more in terms of story after the expansion has settled in a couple months.

If not then my gnome illusionist might just need to come up with a way to aquire the information from Kaitheel directly. Always wanted to combine my tinker skills with my enchanter skills to create something spectacular (with only a 20% chance of exploding).
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