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mmh by reading stuff on the pantheon I learned that both Saryrn and Ullkoruuk were both lined to Erollissi.

to bad it doesn't go a bit deeper during TS timeline with erollissi also.

still I said almost same stuff as last year ... the sig line is too short, too little we know of the planes we're gonna visit, we know almost nothing of the enemies we're gonna fight, and to me we lack connection with the world.

I cannot say I'm the biggest loremaster of Norrath and I don't read everything but I like to have a good context, know what I do and why I am asked to do it.
I get that we need to go to the elemental planes to do stuff (didn't read yet the whole story, will do during xpac) but then why do we keep going there to kill every beeing of those planes ? Who are those creature and what did they do to us ? why do we go plunder the planes ?

you feel more connected to the world when u get it. I love RoK and TSO story lines for that because it had sense. fighting venril, u even had heroic quest to replace his phylactery before the final raid confrontation, fighting anashti, fighting the void, following the ethernauts .. it was awesome.

it makes you, player, part of the world. and tho it's still a game, and we will go kill stuff anyhow .. giving context feels better.

and right now .. the story is so slim, the context is so vague ... we're missing too much.
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