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The correct answer is......

It completely depends on what you are fighting.

TSO and before to hit the raid mobs higher than you you need more than 100 since they contest crit and this has not changed.

SF mobs nolonger contest crit so 100 crit is enough regardless of level (really 101 for silly reasons)


there are SF mobs that either A - debuff crit, or B - have a hidden buff that causes them to essentially contest crit

To deal with A have more than 100 to have a "buffer" to still be close to 100 when debuffed (it's easy now to be over 100 without trying anyway).

To deal with B have more than 100 since we really won't know which mobs have these hidden buffs without more testing than anyone should want to do (though it's obvious on some mobs)

So if you don't plan to do any pre SF raiding and you don't care about the few mobs that will debuff crit or have the hidden buff to contest crit then go with 100 (or 101), if you do care then go higher (I'm sitting around 115-120 on raids and will probably remain around there since it's actually somewhat hard to drop below that with all the gear out now and buffs to crit).

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