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As much as I can appreciate your point of view, I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree.  You have the advantage in participation, in that this was my first Fan Faire and I was not sure what to expect.  However, I did not attend for the foie gras and baked salmon.  It was for the games, the community and SOE. In this regard Fan Faire more than exceeded my expectations.  Not only were all the major games represented (go, Vanguard!), but the devs and community folks were accessible and more than willing to listen to suggestions or criticisms (each of which I am sure they had heard dozens of times before).  Your concern regarding there being too many events at one time strikes me as less a negative than a positive.  Sure, I have a Station Pass and enjoy almost all the Sony games, and sure, I also had to make choices as to which panels to attend.  Not only do I not regret my choices, I made lots of friends just by sharing information that others had missed.  I also got notes on what I missed.  I call that win-win. We all made sacrifices to be in Vegas.  We all had to endure the lines and the technical issues.  To my mind, though, it comes down to this: did you really go to Fan Faire to sit in front of a computer?  Was the main attraction really the savory fare you expected?  If so, I can understand your disappointment. Speaking for myself, I feel my money, my time (and my vacation time) was more than well spent.  I'm looking forward to bringing my wife and daughter to the next Fan Faire.
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