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Random thoughts best placed here.

I've attended three now and two of those have been in Vegas.

Rio was able to hold the crowd, but then hamburgers and foot long hot dogs were not expected as the offering from SOE. Yes, I know gamers and the available offerings in other Casino's menus, but still, come on - give us some credit we came for some reason other than gathering in the same ballroom.  I've been as happy elsewhere than the Rio with more selection to consume as a choice.

I don't mean to be as critical since I had expected something more grander every year attended and even the wedding caught me by suprise.

I just left with a sense I paid alot more for the trip than a reason I should want to come again.  As a consulation prize I can beta LoN - Woot!

Either put more focus on your FanFaire panels than the gambling opportunities available or allow us to gather in some city otherwise to concentretic to a schedule that works for loyal gamers that can participate.  I found conflicts where I couldn't be two places at the same time.  One of the redeeming factors was the recruitment panel since I'm looking for a job now.  Hopefully, I might become one of the many that serve you in the near future, but until then my observation of this years FanFaire is less a vacation, but more a coin sink to participate.  Don't take it all negatively, I just felt I wanted to get more value from my participation than a pat on the back and thanks for showing up.


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